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Grasslands Gourmet Wine Mixes (2 Flavors)
Grasslands Gourmet Wine Mixes (2 Flavors)
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Grassland Gourmet & Gifts LLC, Onida, SD is owned by three veteran educators who for years have shared their friendship and recipes while striving for healthy eating habits and good nutrition. These common goals led to the creation of a large variety of easy to prepare, delicious, and healthy food products and beverages that are perfect for any gathering.

The Devine Wine Medley is a warm infusion of wine, fruit, and spices. On a cold winter night, Devine Wine Medley warms you inside as well as outside. It is great for gatherings or by the fireside. As an added bonus, if any is left over, it can be refrigerated, reheated, and enjoyed later.

The Goosebump Wine Slush is a slushy infusion of fruit, spice, and wine. This slush is refreshing with a splash of club soda. It keeps well in the freezer and is a tasty summer drink to enjoy with friends.